Today has been one of its big days for Xiaomi this year. The Chinese manufacturer organized the traditional annual Lei Jun conference in its home country and took the opportunity to make a few presentations. Among them, the Xiaomi Mix 4 with the screen hidden under the screen and the new Mi Pad 5, which arrived with a surprise.

The new tablets not only signify the return of the Chinese brand to the tablet market after three long years of waiting, they also signify the split of its proprietary layer. As Apple did a few seasons ago with iOS and iPadOS (now in version 15), MIUI now has two aspects: MIUI for mobile phones and MIUI for Pad for tablets.

MIUI for tablets is already a reality

The Mi Pad 5 and Mi Pad 5 Pro have landed in the Chinese market in almost strict compliance with each of their previous leaks. Like those who spoke, for example, that the screen would have 120 Hz, that the processor would be a Snapdragon 870 (something that was partially filled, since the normal Mi Pad 5 chip is the Snapdragon 860) or that they would have a custom style.

But among all the specifications offered by the brand, Xiaomi took a few seconds to slip that the new Mi Pad 5 does not have a normal MIUI incorporated but one suitable for tablets. And of course, such a change had to be given a specific name and that name is none other than MIUI for Pad. Although almost no information was provided in this regard, the little time MIUI for Pad has been talked about on stage served to provide some data.

For example, we know that this is a custom MIUI suitable for large diagonal screens such as the 11-inch LCD that each of the new Mi Pad 5 carries. will allow, among other things, to run multiple applications at the same time and in the form of floating applications, similar to MIUI on the operating system of a laptop or Apple’s iPadOS. But we also have a layer prepared for the new Xiaomi optical pencils and which will gain features to have even more specific uses. In the style of Samsung’s S Pen in the Note, for example.

Apparently, the new MIUI for Pad was born from MIUI 12.5 and will first arrive aboard the Xiaomi Mi Pad 5. We will have time to test it when the time comes, although unfortunately it seems that neither tablet does. will officially abandon China. We’ll see how long it takes to sink our teeth into the new tablet-specific MIUI for Pad. We’ll be keeping an eye on him.