Xiaomi has patented a smartphone with a solar panel on the back. Thanks to the Letsgodigital renderings, seen in Dfaho, we can get an idea of ​​this new Xiaomi record: a phone with the naked eye “normal”, but with a particular back.

The goal would be clear: to make the battery able to be recharged in a solar way, which would allow us to have a practically unlimited battery during the day, constantly recharging the device. The idea is not new at all, and it is that already in 2010 there was a solar Samsung, although it has rained a lot since.

Xiaomi registers a device with a solar panel

As we always state, patents are nothing more than the registration of an idea by a trademark, so we have no guarantee that it will come to fruition. Despite this, it is curious to know that Xiaomi has patented a device with a generous solar panel on the back.

The rear of the terminal has a solar panel. This would be used to power the terminal

This rear of the terminal is occupied almost entirely by the various cells that make up the board, although there is room for the camera, so it wouldn’t be such a different terminal from the rest. The patent also reads on an all-screen panel, like the Mi Mix 4, and with a fairly slim body.

The big challenge here, beyond typing the idea, is how the panel works. When you recharge the battery, how will you avoid overcharging, how the temperature of the battery and the terminal itself will be managed if it is exposed to the sun for a long time, etc. The patent doesn’t put more than the idea on the table, although there are no details on how it works.