The sports recording application that uses a large part of Xiaomi’s accessories, Mi Fit, takes a leap forward in design with the latest update, number 5.6.0: better navigation in the lower tabs, a much more attractive cover and menus that approach in color to another of Xiaomi’s applications for wearable devices, Xiaomi Wear.

Do you have a Xiaomi activity bracelet, one of its watches or one of the accessories that the brand sells to wear on your wrist? Well, most likely you have installed the Mi Fit application on your mobile, an application that sends notifications to the device and which, in addition, reflects all the data collected. And it’s about to reflect a sea change in design, you might already have it available.

Mi Fit 5.6.0 completely renews the design of its interface

Left, Mi Fit 5.6.0; right, MiFit 5.5.2

Xiaomi and Huami are rolling out the latest version of Mi Fit, number 5.6.0. This is already available in the Google Play Store. And, after being installed on the phone, it completely changes the interface to provide a more modern look and display healthier information at a glance.

Mi Fit 5.6.0 represents an evolution of the interface towards the more relaxed style that prevails in Xiaomi Wear, for example. The number of lower tabs increases to include sports practices and thus frees up the upper area, the stages have a greater presence on the home screen, the colors show the different elements better and the cover changes to offer more information through vertical scrolling.

The sports folder has not changed in appearance, nor the way to display each practice or the user menu (profile). And sync issues between the phone app and connected devices don’t seem to have been resolved. This is one of Google Play’s main complaints.

MyFit 5.6.0

The new Mi Fit app can now be downloaded directly from the Android store. What does not appear? You can download the APK directly from APK Mirror. At the functional level, the customization of the cover with selectable cards has been included: from the option “Edit data card” it is possible to organize the home page to your liking.

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