Xiaomi is relaunching a product focused on the home and in this case for use in the kitchen. This is the Xiaomi Mi Instant Water Purifier Q600, a system capable of boiling and purifying water instantly that can also be controlled from the mobile with the MyHome application.

The connected tap allows you to disinfect the water and at the same time to function as a kind of kettle, since the same water that we purified comes out boiling. The objective is to obtain water free of all impurities for domestic consumption.

Heats and purifies

The Xiaomi Mi Q600 instant water purifier manages to purify water and uses six-stage filtration technology, dual core and reverse osmosis membrane for this. To prevent the water from aging and losing its quality, when the water flow is cut off, it is returned through the reverse osmosis membrane to revitalize its properties.

Associated with the purification process, it is able to instantly heat water from 30 ° C to 95 ° C thanks to a heating system housed in the same tap. In addition and in this sense, it incorporates a function that allows you to control and modify the temperature at which you want the water to come out.

If you want the water to come out at room temperature, the tap has two pipes so that it doesn’t always have to come out hot.

Beside the tap, the person in charge of the whole process is a device which can be reminiscent of a compact PC tower. In the upper area there is a control panel with which you can control the volume and temperature of the water.

A device that integrates into the connected home thanks to the MyHome application and Wi-Fi connectivity. Thanks to the application, available on iOS and Android, we can control various parameters such as the water temperature and offer advice based on the use we want to give to the water we heat.

Pricing and availability

The Xiaomi Mi Q600 instant water purifier, the mix between a kettle and a connected faucet, goes on sale in China for 3,499 yuan, or around 460 euros at the exchange rate, although initially it costs 2,999. yuan (about 390 yuan). euros). We are waiting to know if the company launches it in other markets.

At that price, you have to add the 199 yuan, or about 26 euros per change, which costs the Q600 PPC five-layer filter and which the company recommends changing once a year.