Xiaomi took advantage of the launch event of the Redmi Note 11 series to present the new version of its operating system globally. MIUI 13 was announced in China at the end of December (along with the new tablet interface called MIUI 13 Pad), but now it’s reaching the rest of the countries.

In addition to detailing its main novelties and improvements, Xiaomi has shared the list of devices that will receive MIUI 13 in Spain throughout the first quarter of the year. And, pay attention, because it features a few changes from the list the company itself provided just under a month ago.

First batch of updates

Although the rollout schedule may vary by region, Xiaomi has announced that it will release the first wave of MIUI 13 globally for the following models in the first quarter of this year (i.e. before April ):

Main news of MIUI 13

As Xiaomi explains, the next version of its operating system offers a complete update, focused on improving the user experience with faster storage, greater efficiency of background processes, smarter processing and longer battery life.

One of the big new features in MIUI 13 is Liquid Storage, a new system-level method for managing how files are stored on devices. Its goal is to reduce fragmentation and actively manage stored data to increase read and write speeds by up to 60% and extend device life.

Also new is Atomized Memory, an ultra-thin memory management method, which improves RAM memory efficiency. It does this by analyzing how apps use the device’s memory and divides the RAM usage processes of a single app into important and unimportant tasks. Then close the latter to be able to run more applications without sacrificing performance.

MIUI 13 also includes targeted algorithms, which dynamically allocate system resources based on usage scenarios. In other words, instead of dividing them equally, these algorithms prioritize the active application above all others so that the processor can focus on important tasks.

The fourth improvement comes with Smart Balance, which automatically finds the balance between performance and power consumption. According to Xiaomi, with Smart Balance, the total battery life can be increased by up to 10% in MIUI 13.

In addition to these improvements in the main experience, MIUI 13 includes other interesting features, such as the sidebar, to access your favorite applications in floating windows with a simple swipe, without leaving the current application. The sidebar can be customized with up to ten apps.