Elders in the area will recall that MSN Messenger allowed you to choose a custom font for messages, visible to both you and the other person (if they had it installed). WhatsApp does not work exactly the same, although it is possible to reproduce different effects and styles in texts.

If you need to underline a message or just want your chats to escape the monotony, we will walk you through how to use different fonts in WhatsApp with three different methods: only with WhatsApp, with an app or with a website.

Option 1: with WhatsApp format

WhatsApp lets you format words and phrases in bold, italics, strikethrough, and monospace

When it comes to text personalization, WhatsApp lets you format messages simply, easily and without installing anything. This way you can write texts or fragments in bold, italics, strikethrough or monospaced.

The fastest way to do this is to select the text (before sending it) and use the floating menu that appears (tap More to see all the options). It is also possible to do the same by using special codes in the composition of the message. They are as follows:

Bold: To write in bold, wrap the text you want to highlight with asterisks. For example * text * becomes text.

Italics: To italicize, place the text you want to highlight with underscores. For example _text_ is converted to text.

Strikethrough: To strike out text, wrap the text you want to highlight with bullets. For example ~ text ~ becomes text.

Monospaced: To write monospaced text, wrap the text you want to highlight with “. For example “ ” text“` becomes text.

Option 2: use a keyboard app

Keyboard apps like Fonts allow you to easily use different fonts in apps like WhatsApp

The format that allows you to do WhatsApp is somewhat rare. If you want to use more original text styles, you will need to use UNICODE characters that are used strategically to simulate different fonts. It’s curious to see how, with a little creativity, you can simulate styles like β„‚π• π•Ÿπ•₯π• π•£π•Ÿπ• , 𝓬𝓾𝓻𝓼𝓲𝓿π“ͺ, and others.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to install a keyboard app that makes it easier to use these special codes. One of the best options is Fonts, a free and simple app with lots of styles available. It’s similar to Gboard, but with a top bar where you can choose between different styles that you can use in any app that supports text, such as WhatsApp.

Fonts – Letter keyboard

Option 3: use a website

If the WhatsApp format is insufficient and you don’t want to install a keyboard app just for that, you will still have text generators online. The concept is simple: you write the text on a website and it is “converted” into different styles. You copy the text in one of these styles to the clipboard and paste it into WhatsApp.

There are tons of stylish text generators out there online, although a good option that is good for mobile is Unicode Text Converter. You just need to write the text at the top and hit the Copy button next to the format you are interested in. Then open WhatsApp and paste it (by simply tapping on the writing area, until the floating menu appears, or from the top bar of Gboard).