New Delhi: Hackers have done the world’s biggest theft by hacking so far. The hackers’ theft has been estimated at ₹45 billion. He has stolen more than ₹600 million through hacking Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. The hackers have done this by breaching the security of the blockchain-based platform Poly Network. The company confirmed this via tweet.

Decentralized finance is by far the biggest theft in the deficit space. Polynetwork is a platform that allows users to exchange crypto tokens. He confirmed that thousands of investors have been affected by crypto theft.

Ethereum is believed to be the cryptocurrency most affected by this theft. The hackers stole 27 273 million worth of Ethereum, 25 253 million Binance Smart Chains and 8 85 million US Coins (USDC) worth from the Polygon Network.

Tether was also laundered around 3.33 million, but as soon as it learned of the attack, it froze the issuer. This means that users can no longer use these tokens. Polly tweeted that her network had been attacked. The millions of dollars stolen in this attack belonged to crypto investors.

The tweet also shared the address of the attacker to whom the stolen money was transferred. Neo of Ontology & Switches said legal action would be taken if the hackers did not return the amount. The attack comes at a time when the cryptocurrency market was going through a lot of turmoil. Polynetwork said a preliminary investigation found that hackers exploited the vulnerability between contract calls. There have been many attacks this year, but never such a huge amount of money has been stolen.