Corona’s global case is 219,609,930, total death rate 45,50,104

Cases of mu-variant reported in UK, Europe, US and Hong Kong

New York: With the arrival of three million new cases of corona worldwide, the total number of corona cases has increased to 219,609,930, while the death toll from corona has increased to 45,50,104 with 6,323 deaths. Even today the most deadly effect of the corona epidemic is being felt in America.

According to a website named WorldDometer, a total of 40,343,530 cases of corona have been reported in the US, taking the total number of deaths due to corona to 6,60,063.

Countries with no more than 30 million cases include Brazil 20,804,215, FR 6,868,059, UK 6,856,932, Canada 6,838,652 Turkey 6,412,247, Argentina 5,190,948, Iran 5,025,233, Colombia 4,911,0,9 Spain 4,861,883 Italy 4,1004,10.

Countries with more than one million deaths: Mexico 2,59,326, Peru 1,98,295, Russia 1,80,781, Indonesia 1,33,676, UK 1,33,066, Italy 1,29,290, France 1,26,335, Colombia 1,25,016, Argentina 1 Are included. ,11,607 and Iran 1,08,393. The top three countries in terms of deaths from Corona include America 6,60,063, Brazil 5,81,228 and India 4,39,890.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has warned that the new corona variant may show signs of corona resistance. Its scientific name is B.1.621 and in common parlance it is known as MU ie Mu. It first appeared in Colombia in January 2021.

Meanwhile, according to a study published in the Lancet Infectious Diseases journal, people who get corona infection after taking both doses of corona vaccine are less likely to be hospitalized for treatment or develop serious illness.

Meanwhile, the number of jobless claimants in the United States has declined, indicating the economy is improving. However, the rapidly expanding delta version has increased uncertainty and increased the risk of future job cuts.