Work on White Horse Beach bathhouse expected to begin soon

Community Preservation Committee Chairman Bill Keohan told the Manomet Village Steering Committee he expects to see the White Horse Beach bathhouse ready by next summer.

The town has been busy getting the permits to tear down the house that occupies part of the site and to build the infrastructure needed for the facility, he said. While the demolition permit was issued, it was decided to keep the house standing this summer since it was being used for storage and as a bathroom for the lifeguards.

The house at 54 Taylor Avenue is slated for demolition sometime this fall, Keohan said.

While destruction is scheduled, Keohan wants to turn his attention to construction. He said he wants to work with the MVSC on selecting an architect for the building, suggesting a community meeting be held in September to discuss its design.

After considering buying a prefabricated building, it was decided to start from scratch, Keohan said. “Prefabs look like they belong in a another part of the country,” he said. The cost is not much different from buying something that’s already built, he said.

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