The exercise to protect the rights received after 20 years of struggle

Three dozen women demanded protection of their rights in front of the Governor’s office

Kabul: In Afghanistan’s western Herat province, three dozen women protested in front of the governor’s office for women’s rights. The women have called on the new Taliban government to protect women’s rights.

Friba Kabarjani, who organized the rally today, said that women should also be given political participation in the new government. He said that women should be included in the cabinet, Loya Jirga Arthwa Elder Council. She further said that Afghan women have struggled for the last 20 years to get their rights.

We want the world to hear our voice. We want our rights to be protected. Another woman attending the rally, Maryam Ibrahim, said, “Although Taliban leaders are giving beautiful speeches on TV, we have found that they have started beating women again.”