Wolfgang Niedecken’s roots are in the Rhineland. “It’s my home too, it’s my home,” says the musician, who now wants to help the victims with a concert.

Mainz (AP) – Rhenish musician Wolfgang Niedecken feels with the victims of the floods in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. “I have a lot of knowledge there, for example in Sinzig, Altenahr, Neuwied,” said the 70-year-old German news agency. “It’s my home too. I know everything there. “

Niedecken’s father was from Unkel (district of Neuwied). As a child, the head of the Cologne-based BAP (“Verdamp a long time ago”) group returned several times to his uncle and aunt.

“It’s nothing theoretical then and is closer to you than something from television,” Niedecken said. He takes his hat off to helping those affected in the floodplains. “People often help out in their spare time, it stinks and it’s dirty, there’s nothing nice there.”

The musician will perform on Sunday August 15 in Neuwied during an already full benefit concert (6 p.m.). “In collaboration with the Villa Musica Rhineland-Palatinate Foundation, we will donate all profits to the ‘Aktion Deutschland hilft’ initiative. In this situation, I didn’t just want to say: so you, you, you. He hoped to do at least a little to alleviate the misery.