Xiaomi’s camera has some well-kept secrets, including long exposure modes, which allow us to take pictures with lights. When opening the camera, we do not easily find this mode, so you may have been with a Xiaomi mobile for a long time and not know that you have it.

We are going to show you where it is, how it is downloaded and how you can use it, since it is one of the best functions of any mobile with MIUI 12.5 and a mid-range. In cheaper models, you may not see this feature, although it is quite widespread.

Xiaomi hides a long exposure mode that you can download

The Xiaomi camera, when open, has modes such as portrait, video, night mode and others, but we can also download modes. Just open the camera app and go to the “more” section.

From here you can download a mode that by default is not installed on your Xiaomi, under the name of “long exposure”. The download won’t take more than a few seconds, so tap as soon as it’s done.

In this mode, you will find a total of six different modes for taking long exposure shots. As the name suggests, the shutter stays open longer to get more information.

Moving crowd: to photograph moving people or objects while we are static.

Neon trails: for photographing the lights of moving cars.

Oil paint: for a more washed-out effect, ideal for photographing skies with sunsets or clouds

Illuminated painting: photography of painting with light.

Starry sky: for what the name suggests.

Light star trails: to photograph the movement of the stars themselves.

To use these modes, the use of a tripod is recommended, because the shutter will be open for a long time and the mobile must be as stable as possible. If you don’t have one, you can be as imaginative as possible to prop the phone up where it’s stable.