You might have encountered issues with your PC on occasion and it crashed at the most inconvenient time. The first option that comes to mind is to reboot with the CTLR + ALT + DEL command, but there is life beyond that key combination.

And is one of the solutions to reverse the problem is to restart the Windows 10 graphics driver, a process in which we will only need a combination of keys and which will avoid us having to wait for the restart of the computer? ‘computer and incidentally, we avoid having to reset it.

Without having to restart

We have seen different keyboard shortcuts in Windows and one of them is the one that allows us to restart our PC’s graphics controller, a process that can be the solution to some of the more common problems that we can find.

In this case, it is the Windows + CTRL + Shift + B key combination. A very fast process that does not take more than a few seconds. The only thing you will see is how the screen turns off and you hear a short beep which indicates everything has been okay.

This process has the advantage that you won’t have to restart the computer and besides you don’t have to worry about not having saved the task you were working on. After restarting the graphics controller, everything will return to the state you left it in.

It is especially effective if the crash occurs when playing a video game or working with a video editor or other program that is using your GPU resources. The shortcut is an integral part of Windows 10 and allows you to reset Intel, NVIDIA and AMD video drivers.

If the shortcut doesn’t do anything for you, the crash is probably not related to your graphics card. There you can resort to the old and familiar CTRL + ALT + DEL and see if the system responds and allows you to open Task Manager to kill unresponsive processes. If that doesn’t succeed, all you have to do is press that _reset_ button or force shut down the laptop.

The combination which only works on Windows 8 / 8.1 and Windows 10 reboots the graphics subsystem and in many cases can bring your PC back to life in a crash that seems permanent.