When you need to log into Twitter on an Android mobile, you normally need to enter the username and password. A simpler option is on the way and already appearing in the beta: use your Google account to log into Twitter, or create a new account.

This option is therefore presented as a faster way to log in for Twitter accounts linked to a Gmail account. This is happening on Android in its beta, while on iOS the app is working on its namesake Connect with Apple.

Google opens Twitter

These days, it’s pretty common for all kinds of apps to let you make it easy to log in or create an account through Google or Facebook, but Twitter has held up until now: to log into Twitter you had to use your Twitter credentials, already on the outside. username, associated email or phone number.

This policy seems to be changing now, when the beta version of Twitter now allows you to sign in with your Google account. If your account is associated with this account, you do not have to enter any password, the process itself is almost automatic, only having to choose between the accounts configured on the mobile.

This link helps you both to sign in with an already active account and to create a new account associated with your Gmail account. For now, it’s available in Twitter beta 9.3.0-beta.04, available in APKMirror and Twitter’s beta program on Google Play, though it’s predictable that it will eventually reach the world soon. via the stable version.


Via | 9to5Google