People line up to be vaccinated against Covid-19 during the vaccination trip for employees of private companies in Bogotá, Colombia, July 16 | Photo: EFE / Mauricio Dueñas Castañeda / Gazeta do Povo

The Bogotá Chamber of Commerce (CCB) announced on Wednesday that it was ending the sale of Covid-19 vaccines to private companies, due to the progress of the vaccination campaign in Colombia, which will distribute the doses to the target audience before. private initiative.

“It is obvious that the National Vaccination Plan is advancing at an accelerated pace and will guarantee free and rapid access to the vast majority of the population who wish to be vaccinated on the same date as they would be in private”, assured the Minister. President. from the CCB, Nicolás Uribe.

Colombia was one of the few countries to start allowing the purchase of vaccines, in the case of China’s Sinovac, by private companies who wanted to vaccinate their employees for free. The first batch with this destination, with 1.5 million doses, began to be applied in the first week of July. Within a month of starting the process, around 200,000 doses have been applied privately across the country.

“According to reports, around 85% of the vaccines requested are for people who already have free access to vaccines on the date of the start of vaccination under a private scheme,” Uribe added.

Since last week, the campaign has been open in Colombia to the entire population over 35 and to anyone with co-morbidities. From July 26, it will be the turn of everyone over 25, free and publicly.

Uribe also said the chamber cannot generate unnecessary expenses for businessmen as the country’s health authorities have ramped up access to immunizations. He also informed that the funds will be returned to businessmen, local press reported.

How is vaccination in Colombia

Vaccination in Colombia, although it slowed down last week, has reached 23.8 million applied doses of Pfizer, Sinovac, Janssen or Astrazeneca vaccines, which are used in the country.

In total, 10.5 million people have completed the vaccination against Covid-19, which represents almost 21% of the population.

Since the start of the pandemic, 4,668,750 cases of infection with the new coronavirus and 117,131 deaths from the disease have been reported in the country.