Since this pandemic situation began with COVID-19, society has had to adapt even more to a more distant rhythm of life. This is when video calling apps like Zoom had their heyday. And when it comes to hobbies, those for watching media content at the same time with our friends have also started to become popular. The reception of services such as Teleparty was such that even its functions ended up being integrated into the official Prime Video or Disney+ applications.

The application we are talking about today allows us to achieve this same function of watching series, movies or videos at the same time with our friends and family through our television. In this way, if you are remote, the Rave app will make it easier for us to see the content at the same time, also being compatible with many platforms.

Rave is compatible with all major streaming services

This application has become popular especially on mobile devices, but what few people know is that it also offers support for televisions that have Android TV as the operating system.

To make it work on our TV, we just have to search for the Rave app on the Play Store and install it. Once done, we enter the application and log in with our Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

After that we see that in the main menu we have a series of groups that we can access. Indeed, access to these groups is public. Here we will enter with people watching a video, movie or series at the same time, with a chat where we can see all the comments that are made while the content is playing.

How to create a private group with friends

We understand that the most striking thing about the app is the creation of private groups. To do this, you just have to press the ‘+’ icon and it will be enough to select the platform on which we want to see the content and log in.

Rave is compatible with services like YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, and even files we’ve saved to Google Drive, among others. In this way, once the session has been launched on the platform whose content we want to see, we select the video and play it on our television. This will be the time to send the invitation link to another user, since with the link they will be able to enter the session and see the content at the same time, also being able to pause it at any time.

We may share the link via major messaging services. The app is completely free, and in addition to Android TV and iOS and Android mobile devices, it can also be used on Windows and Mac.

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