Facebook, now Meta, has updated WhatsApp with several new features in the notification system. Version 22.2.75, which is now available on the App Store, includes, among other things, a redesign of notifications to display the profile picture of the person who sends us the message.

An essential update

After this feature was discovered in the various betas of the application, Facebook has decided to launch it now to the general public. Now, after updating the application, we will see that the notifications received show the profile image of our interlocutor or of the group, if it is several people.

In addition, the notification system is now compatible with the concentration modes of iOS 15. This means that we can decide, through these modes, which contacts we want to receive notifications from at any given time. A feature we have already had in iMessage since last September and which now extends beyond Apple’s own messaging system.

The latest new feature in this update is to pause and resume recording while creating voice messages. Simply slide the recording button up, then press the Pause or Resume buttons for more convenient recording.

As Facebook already warns in the release notes, these features will be released in the coming weeks. This means that, although the update is preparing to receive them, it is from the servers that the change must be made. So, after updating our app, we can only wait.

Picture | Dmitry Karastelev