Smart home devices are growing in number and covering more industries than until recently we couldn’t even imagine they would be able to add connectivity.

A clear example is the new smart soap dispenser that Amazon just announced on its website, which will go on sale this month. Yes, as you may have guessed from its name in English, it is a smart soap dispenser that we can place in the kitchen or bathroom and will help us with our daily task of washing our hands.

We are faced with a beautiful container with a capacity of 341 ml of liquid soap which will be automatically dispensed to the user when he places his hands underneath, with three different quantities of soap provided which will depend on the proximity of the nozzle that we place our hands: the closer it is, the less soap it will dispense.

But the cool thing about this model is that its WiFi N connectivity allows it to connect with other Amazon Echo speakers (the distributor does not have microphones or built-in speaker) to automatically power up. music, jokes and we offer different content via Alexa while we wash our hands. , something that should attract the attention of the little ones in the house.

In addition, the device has a series of 10 LEDs that count from 20 seconds while we lather, the minimum recommended time for the soap to act on bacteria and other microbes, eliminating them from our hands.

On the energy side, it works with an internal lithium battery that can be recharged via a USB cable and which according to the manufacturer offers an operating autonomy of three months.

Pricing and availability

The new Smart Soap Dispenser is already available on Amazon’s site for the US for $ 55, although we still don’t know when it will hit the rest of the markets.

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