Windows 11 will arrive at the end of this year and its installation in a large part of the equipment on the market causes a headache. Now we know that unsupported devices that install Windows 11 will not have updates and with this handicap, another for those that are compatible, in which Windows Update will notify you with a warning.

Windows Update is the traditional method of automatically receiving updates. A section in the “Settings” menu which is used to keep our PC up to date and which will now notify us if our computer is ready to make the jump to Windows 11.

So don’t forget to update

While updating our PC and finding out about compatibility doubts, we can use the official PC Health Check tool or an interesting third party alternative such as WhyNotWin11. Both are used to determine whether our equipment is compatible or not. Additionally, Microsoft has the ability to identify devices with hardware or software compatibility issues.

To all of these options, Microsoft has added a new feature in the Insider Windows 10 preview channel. The Windows Update tool now displays a notice that the computer is ready to upgrade to Windows 11. Next to the notice , the following text appears:

“Good news: your PC meets the minimum system requirements for Windows 11. The specific offer schedule may vary as we prepare it for you.”

“Note: Some features of Windows 10 are not available in Windows 11. Some apps and features may require more requirements. “

At this time, this advisory is only available to Windows 10 Preview Channel members in the Insider program. Remember that you can test the improvements to the various channels of the Insider program for Windows 10 by following the tutorial we did at the time, a method that is also used for testing Windows 11.

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