Windows Terminal appears to sport the curved corners we’ll see with the Fall Update in Windows 10

We’re always on top of any news that might come with the Windows 10 Sun Valley Fall Update, showing that this will be the version that will have some exciting news beyond the Spring Update. And again, the protagonists are the rounded corners.

An element of which we have already spoken on other occasions and which has now been seen in another example in what it can give itself, now via the Windows Terminal application, which could adopt the new interface with Sun Valley.

Leaving the angles behind

Windows is preparing for the arrival of new designs. We have seen some new icons and now we have to see another example of what rounded corners can look like on their own, abandoning angular shapes.

Smoother corners with Sun Valley, which everything indicates will leave behind the angular corners that come with Fluent Design, reclaiming some of the look of previous versions of Windows.

It was posted to Twitter and then deleted, where it was possible to see what the new design looks like in the Windows Terminal app. It adopts smoother angles, without the characteristic corners.

Microsoft is apparently testing a version of Windows 10 internally, and the changes, like now in Windows Terminal, continue to bring the rounded corners to more apps.

Everything indicates that we will have to wait until the second half of 2021 to see how these improvements arrive with Windows 10 in the 20H2 branch or Sun Valley, which is the name by which we know it.

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