Windows Terminal might not be as well-known a tool as others within Windows, but the Command Console is still essential for many users, especially developers and technicians. An open source tool that Microsoft is pampering and which saw the arrival of the preview version 1.11.

An update that brings many improvements and new functions to the Windows terminal. So now it allows you to open terminal window by dragging and dropping folder on new tab button.

Improve multitasking

Windows Terminal was born from Microsoft’s intention to integrate all of its consoles or terminals into one. It is the basis of a project called Windows Terminal which now sees the arrival of the preview version 1.11.

An update that comes with bug fixes, improvements, and new features, including the ability it now offers to drag and drop a folder onto the New Tab button to open a console directly into that folder.

They echoed this improvement in ONMsft and at the same time the ability to multitask is improved by making it easier to swap panels in a tab and split the tab in the context view.

There is also a new configuration switch that brings a semi-transparent background to the title bar. And along with that, other changes of which we now review the most notable:

When you add keys to your actions, you just have to type a key, instead of spelling all the keys (i.e. ctrl). There is a new “fuzzy appearance” editor at the bottom of the Appearance page (per profile). The font object now accepts OpenType axes and functions in the settings.json file. Now you can optionally minimize the terminal to the system tray. Added two new settings for this feature You can now drag and drop directories and files onto the ‘+’ button, which will then open a new tab, panel or window using the given home path. When starting the terminal through the default terminal settings, the terminal will now not use any profile instead of our default profile. You can now choose how you want bold (intense) text to appear in the terminal using the IntenseTextStyle profile parameter. Your style can be set to be bold, shiny, bold and shiny, or to have no extra touches added. In newer versions of Windows, startDirectory can now accept Linux paths when starting a WSL profile. Panels can now be browsed in order of creation using nextPaney previousPane.

Terminal is an open source development and it is in this Github link that you can find all the information about it. All of these changes coming in the trial version will debut later in the standard version of Windows Terminal through the Windows Insider program or through the Microsoft Store.

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