Following the announcement of Windows 11 SE and a new Surface Laptop SE with the cropped variant of the operating system, Microsoft has now announced the new Windows 11 update via Build 22499 available to anyone in Dev. Channel within the Insider program.

A build that along with classic bug fixes and performance improvements comes with improvements in Teams, new badges, and the ability to download this build as an ISO image for clean installs.

What’s new in version 22499

In Microsoft Teams, you can now share the content of open app windows directly from the taskbar for meeting calls. This eliminates the need to switch between apps just to share or re-share a window. When joining a meeting through Microsoft Teams, just hover over the running apps in the taskbar and you’ll see a new button that lets you share a window with meeting attendees. When you are done sharing content, hover over the window again and click “Stop Sharing” or choose another window and click “Share this window”. This enhancement is tested on a limited basis on a limited number of users.

The Clock app now supports signing in with Microsoft work and school accounts. You will need version 11.2110.32.0 and higher.

The ISOs to download build 22499 can be obtained from this link. New “Windows 11 Shipped” badges are coming to Insiders on Feedback Hub.

Changes and Improvements

They improved the keyboard focus images in Task View and Alt + Tab to be a bit more noticeable, so that they are easier to see. Clipboard history should work fine again on this version. Clicking on the gifs in the emoji panel will now insert them into supported apps, unlike the previous version. The main dictionaries have been updated for multiple languages ​​- the touch keyboard text suggestions and autocorrect should be more accurate now. Fixed an IME crash that sometimes occurred for people who chose to use the old version of Pinyin IME. Mitigated an explorer.exe crash that sometimes occurred recently related to using the touch keyboard. Addresses an issue where explorer.exe would crash if ALT + F4 was pressed while ALT + Tab was open. Fixes a configuration crash that could occur when attempting to check sound properties remotely when accessing a PC through Remote Desktop. Fixed an issue that caused unexpected clipping / zooming when going through OOBE on some ultra-wide monitors. The apostrophe in the error message when fingerprint is not recognized on the login screen should now display correctly. When you take a screenshot of a UWP app by pressing the “New” button in the “Snipping” tool, the Snipping tool should appear in the foreground after the capture is complete. Fixed an issue that prevented some PCs from waking up recently, with an error message saying “SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED”. Fixed a crash that could occur in relation to the MediaPlaybackCommandManager, preventing some applications from sometimes playing media content. Fixed an issue that caused reports in Reliability Monitor to be unexpectedly blank with only a blank rectangle when viewing more information. Fixed an issue that caused some games to lag that was only noticeable when the window was in focus.

Known issues

Users who upgrade from versions or earlier to newer versions of the development channel using the latest development channel ISO may receive the following warning message: The version you are trying to upgrade install has a signed flight. To continue with the installation, enable flight signing. If you receive this message, press the Activate button, restart your PC and try the update again. They are investigating an issue preventing some PCs from installing new versions or other updates. The PC may report an error code 0x80070002. If you encounter this problem, restart your PC and try again. The error code 0xc1900101-0x4001c may appear on some computers when installing this version. If this happens after reverting the PC to the previous version, you can pause the updates until we release a fix. In some cases, you may not be able to enter text when using search-from-start or the taskbar. If you have the problem, press WIN + R on your keyboard to open the Run dialog box and then close it. The taskbar sometimes flashes when changing the input method. They are investigating an issue in this version where the taskbar clock may freeze and fail to update, especially when accessing the PC through Remote Desktop. Dragging the mouse from one desktop to another in the task view will result in an unexpected reduction in the displayed thumbnails and content area. They are working on a fix to respond to reports from some insiders that their keyboard lights, such as for caps lock, are not working properly after upgrading to the previous version. After clicking the search icon on the taskbar, the search panel may not open. If this happens, restart the “Windows Explorer” process and reopen the search panel. They are investigating reports from Insiders that the volume and brightness sliders do not display correctly in quick settings.

If you belong to the Insider program development channel with Windows 11, you can download the update by following the usual route, namely “Settings> Update & Security> Windows Update”.

Via | Microsoft