We know, as announced by Microsoft, that Windows 11 should arrive at the end of the year, coinciding with the Christmas period. A very imprecise space of time which can also evolve, since Microsoft seems to plan to bring forward the launch of Windows 11 by a few weeks.

Data from various internal documentation. Reports and documents that reveal the interest of the American company in bringing forward the launch of Windows 11, to such an extent that it points to the end of October or the beginning of November as possible windows to make it public.

Launch in October

According to Windows Latest, there are internal documents where it is revealed that Microsoft is interested in launching Windows 11 in October 2021 for all computers with compatible hardware.

Heard MS could announce the GA date for Windows 11 in the next week or two. Approval of a “final version” expected in mid-September. If I were a bettor I would bet October 19 is the date of the GA … I guess we’ll see soon enough.

– Zac Bowden (@zacbowden) August 23, 2021

So much so that some bet on a specific date. This is the case of Zac Bowden, of WIndows Central, who put on his Twitter account for October 19 as the launch date of Windows 11, ensuring that this date will be announced by Microsoft within one or two weeks.

From that date, Windows 11 would start hitting compatible PCs, and as usual with Microsoft updates, it would do so incrementally, so it could be weeks (or months) before that it does not reach certain users (this does not happen with macOS). In fact, a wider deployment is expected in early 2022.

Microsoft’s documents, which are cited in Windows Latest, also refer to the fact that the company has given hardware manufacturers a deadline, set at the end of September, to prepare and ship the drivers to start the release of Windows 11..

Dates that coincide with the announcement of Intel and its Alder Lake processors, which also confirmed that Windows 11 will be released in October 2021.