Little by little, some of the new options offered by Windows 11 continue to emerge thanks to the arrival of the first trial versions within the Insider program. New features among which a system that alerts the user if he has a type of configuration that affects the performance of the equipment stands out.

Since Windows 11, we already know its new start menus, central and floating or the new dialogs which leave behind the flavor of Windows 8. These are mainly aesthetic improvements, whereas in this case it is a question of ‘a more functional improvement.

A more proactive Windows 11

When we buy a PC and in the same way as it happens with other electronic devices, these have a series of predetermined configurations that seek to optimize performance. Configurations that the user can modify to his liking and this is where this new function comes in.

It was on Reddit that they found out how Windows 11 offers a notification in the “Settings” app if it detects changes have been made to computer settings that may affect performance. This notice is an alert that prompts the user to revert the changes.

This can happen if, for example, the default power settings or display usage are changed. Depending on whether or not it is using the battery or whether it is connected to the network, if the system detects that the combination may cause excessive power consumption, it even offers an alert about it.

As noted in Windows Latest, these notifications include an action button that makes it easier to go back to the recommended settings and thus avoid having to navigate through the options again.

Expiration of subscriptions and SSD failure

In addition, the alert system will not limit itself to issuing warnings only if it detects that a configuration is not suitable. This system will be useful to alert the user if, for example, a subscription is about to expire, and the example they cite is Microsoft 365. These notices will appear on the home page of the Settings app. .

“Microsoft 365 will expire soon. Activate billing to keep your subscription, ”the alert reads, and includes a new action button that allows you to renew your subscription or activate recurring billing.

Additionally, Windows 11 also has a feature that will alert users with an NVMe SSD if it encounters hardware issues in order to avoid major issues. An alert via the Settings app and the notification center that prompts you to back up your SSD data.

This option, of course, only works on NVMe SSDs, although Microsoft may add support for other drives in the future.

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