Windows 11 continues to expand its areas, either through updates or through the sale of computers with the new operating system. More computers and more risk of outages affecting more users who have already adopted Windows 11 as their operating system. And that’s what happens with the latest bug that affects HDR compatible monitors.

Those who bet on using HDR (or High Dynamic Range in Spanish) on their monitors when using certain image or video editing programs on their computer, may find that the colors that should have been white are displayed in a yellowish tone. And no, it’s not a monitor failure, but the culprit is Windows 11.

Windows 11 is responsible

Microsoft acknowledges the existence of a bug that affects monitors that support HDR mode and the Auto HDR option, which allows DirectX 11+ based games to display a greater amount of brightness, color and better performance. contrast.

Those who have chosen to take advantage of this ability find that some image editing programs do not display colors correctly on the screen. Mostly, it affects white tones that appear yellowish. In fact, this is a bug that engineers at Microsoft are already recognizing and for which there is still no workaround.

“Some image editing programs may not display colors correctly on some HDR screens [de tal forma que] white colors may appear bright yellow or other colors. “

This is a bug with HDR monitors and the root of the problem is in the Win32 API, not the affected image editing applications. This means that it is not in the hands of app developers, who even with an update cannot fix the failure. Those affected should wait for the patch from Microsoft.

Microsoft is already working on a solution in the form of a fix to fix this bug, something they are already commenting on on the support page, but there is still time for it to be released and they are talking about the end of January as the date. scheduled for a solution to be published.

This color rendering defect does not affect all profile management programs and “the color profile options available on the Windows 11 setup page, including Microsoft’s color control, should work fine.”

If you are one of those affected by this failure, you have no choice but to wait. Presumably the fix will go through Insider users first, but for everyone else there are still a few weeks until the fix is ​​released.

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