WhatsApp calling started reaching users in 2015 and group calling in 2018, and so far this feature has only gotten better. For example, starting in 2020, we can make group calls with up to eight people.

Well, WhatsApp surprises us through its beta version with a facelift for its calls, launching a new interface that includes some interesting new features.

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Just like the new WhatsApp calls

Current WhatsApp call interface

In the image above we can see what the current interface of WhatsApp calls looks like, where the green color is the protagonist of its design, but this changes with its new interface that WhatsApp has started to activate in its latest version beta.

New interface for WhatsApp calls

In the new WhatsApp interface, it shows a new darker design, where we find a default wallpaper, and our contact appears under the design of a card, but the most important thing is in group calls .

With the new interface, in group calls we will finally see who or who is speaking in the conversation. In its new design, we will see all the participants on the screen under a new design of cards that will be marked with a color when a person speaks, in addition to showing the voice waves of their microphone. Thus WhatsApp brings order to group calls, since before we could only know who had accepted the call but not who was talking.

Returning to the interface, this wallpaper that appears by default cannot be changed, but it is not excluded that in future updates it will be synchronized with the background that we have put on WhatsApp conversations, or that it allows us to select another background for calls.

To take advantage of the new design of WhatsApp calls, you will need to update to the latest beta version. If you can’t sign up for its beta program because it’s full, you’ll need to manually update via APK Mirror to download version or higher.

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