For about four years now, the Google app for our Android devices has allowed us to save websites, images and locations through “Collections,” a section that has now started to activate a new interface with significant changes.

Google’s revamped “Collections” section will no longer just display content that the user has saved, but will also automatically organize content that the user has recently visited.

This is how the new Google “Collections” are

Until now, the “Collections” tab has been limited to showing recently added items and showing all of our collections, which is taking the back seat in this renovation.

In the renewed “Collections” tab we will find the new “Quick Access” section, a horizontal scrolling panel that shows us the most visited and recently added sites.

Then would come the new section “Series and films”, which presents all the titles that may interest us depending on our activity, for having asked a question or read news about this series or this film. In this section we will have access to the “Watchlist” which will already display the series and movies that we have saved in our list.

Then the ‘Collections’ section would come, showing our listings in its carousel with direct access to gestures from its collections so we could create a new collection. Then we would also find a new ‘Shopping’ section, with the items we searched for in the search engine, with which Google Shopping is integrated into the collections section.

Via | 9to5Google
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