When setting up a home theater system, one of the installation difficulties usually has to do with the audio cables from the amplifiers to the speakers. This is something that manufacturers are very aware of and in recent years they have focused on this aspect with the intention of offering a wireless system that solves the situation.

For example, a few weeks ago it was Samsung which announced its proposal for its 2022 soundbars and now it is Philips which has advanced a more than interesting alternative in its next range of speakers, bars and subwoofers under the Fidelio product line.

Specifically, Philips has indicated that its catalog of sound equipment for this season will incorporate a new range of devices with a premium orientation, both in design with high-end materials and in performance, which will bet on the standard DTS Play-Fi which was recently introduced updated to a latest version focused precisely on home theater.

DTS Play-Fi is a wireless audio system capable of operating with high-fidelity multi-channel sound and delays of around a few milliseconds when it comes to transmitting the sound signal to several speakers installed in the house at the same time .

And Philips’ idea is to integrate it into its next range of Fidelio equipment so that they can connect wirelessly with their televisions (remember that Philips has bet on this standard in 2019 televisions) and everything controlled from a single app.

A smart speaker ecosystem

The company intends to initially launch three products this year in the second half: the FB1 wireless soundbar, the FW1 wireless subwoofer, and the FS1 bookshelf speakers, all of which are interconnectable and capable of operating both isolated and in groups. wireless home theater set

According to the manufacturer’s first data, the speakers will form an “intelligent ecosystem” where each speaker will be able to detect when it has been connected to another speaker, automatically adjusting its sound profile in the event that, for example, they work as front, rear channels. or as stereo equipment. .

The FB1 soundbar will have a compact design and will offer 7.1.2 channels compatible with Dolby Atmos, with a total of 15 drivers and a power of 310 watts RMS, with different independent sections inside for the center, right and left channels . , each of them also with its own dedicated tweeter.

The FW1 subwoofer will mount a floor-firing 8-inch woofer and be complemented by two passive radiators to improve low-frequency response, delivering a total of 200 watts RMS of power.

Finally, the FS1 speakers will have a compact format, in a three-way configuration and can be used both to build a stereo music system and to combine them with the other models and create a set up to 7.1.4 canals. In this case, your amps will deliver 60 watts RMS. In addition, they will have an integrated LED lighting system that will be synchronized with the manufacturer’s Ambilight televisions.

Price and availability

For the moment, Philips has not specified prices or sale dates, although it has suggested that they will be ready for the second half of 2022.