When we imagine Steve Jobs, we probably think of an image of him on a main stage wearing a black sweater, blue jeans, and white sneakers. The reason is that for more than half of his life he has dressed alike, so it is only fitting that his clothes are etched in our memory. The question is … why did he do it?

Defining Steve Jobs’ style is easy. Jeans and sweater to be comfortable all day and everyday, as well as sport. But it’s a black sweater, so it was also formal enough to be able to attend meetings (like this one) and even showcase new things in keynotes. Steve Jobs’ outfit consisted of the following:

Black turtleneck sweater Levi’s jeans model 501 New Balance 992 sneakers

Designed for Apple employees, managed only by its CEO

The story of how Steve Jobs always decided to dress the same is curious. It is included in the biography of Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson, the only one authorized by the co-founder of Apple. Various anecdotes from his life are told in the book, such as the way he dressed.

It all started with a trip to Japan where Steve Jobs visited Sony factories. There he realized that all employees dressed the same, he asked the CEO of Sony why and after understanding the benefits of the uniform in the company, he decided to apply it. also at Apple in California. The truth is, the idea didn’t materialize, so Steve Jobs ended up with hundreds of sweaters that no one was going to wear. What could be better than wearing them himself for the rest of his life.

“During a trip to Japan in the early 1980s, Jobs asked Akio Morita, the president of Sony, why all the workers in his company wore uniforms. companies like Sony needed to give their employees something to wear every day, ”Jobs recalls. Over the years, uniforms have gotten their own style, especially in companies like Sony, and it has become a way of bonding employees and the company. I decided I wanted to make that kind of bond for Apple, ”Jobs recalls. rips, with the sleeves attached with a zipper that could be pulled out to create a vest. ‘So I called I asked Issey Miyake and asked him to design a vest for Apple: “Jobs remembers. I offered samples and told everyone how cool it would be to wear all these vests. OMG, how many boos have I had! Everyone hated that one? idea””. In the process, however, he befriended Miyake, whom he visited regularly. He also liked the idea of ​​having his own uniform, both for everyday comfort (l argument he was making) and for his ability to create a personal style. “I asked Issey to do some of the turtlenecks I liked, and he made me a hundred.” Jobs saw my surprise when he told me this story, so he showed them to me, all stacked up. “That’s what I’m wearing,” he said. I have enough for the rest of my life. ”

Why dress the same every day

Always wearing the same clothes (different clothes of the same model, not the same clothes every day) makes perfect sense. It’s a question of organization and comfort. The fewer decisions we have to make on a daily basis, the more productive we are. Access the summary of the essential.

Decide what to wear each morning? It’s not “really important”, it’s something that can be eliminated. At least for some people. Making decisions takes time, if you dress the same every day, that time can be spent on something else.

Steve Jobs had this idea in the most curious way, then he realized how useful it was in his everyday life. The genius behind Apple saw that always dressing the same is smarter than it looks.