Khartoum, August 19, 2021, Thursday

When it comes to land distribution and ownership, if you don’t cross the border, you’ll often lose your head. In this too, if we talk about the land dispute between the two countries, then the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan has not been resolved despite three wars and many curtains. Relations between Japan and China have soured over the ownership of a small island. China has land disputes with almost all of its neighbors on the border. Hundreds of people have also died in the land dispute between Israel and Palestine.

Surprisingly, the land of Bir Tawil, which covers an area of ​​7,060 km along the border between Egypt and Sudan, is not included in any country. Generally everyone wants to merge the land near them, but the land dispute between the two countries is going on for decades, so this land is known as Peace of Land in the world.

When Egypt and Sudan were under British rule in 1907, the border between the two countries was split and the British did not allocate this land area. Whereas the Abadda area adjacent to it was inhabited by tribal people. This land area was claimed by both Sudan and Egypt but chose to take Bir Tawil as no less important. The land referred to as Bir Tawil in the map is not part of any country today.

No international law of any kind applies here either. There is open land between the two countries but there is no dispute about its status, which is a pleasant surprise. Hence this land is known as the land of peace. Some UFOs are also called landing grounds for aliens.