Tripoli, 13 August 2021, Friday

In the African Tuareg tribal community in Africa, men are required to wear a veil, not women, while women can walk around without covering their heads. The population of this community is estimated to be one million. The Tuareg community is located in Niger, Mali, Algeria, Libya and Burkina Faso. They consider themselves to be originally from the Fizan region of Libya.

In this community, women have more rights than men by birth. There are incidents of molestation of women by men in the world but here women torture men. However, poor men cannot even speak against women. Surprisingly, women can have sex with any man even before marriage. Not only this, women can divorce a man whenever they want after marriage. When a married woman leaves her home, she can take all her hard earned money with her.

Usually when a girl grows up she is taught the dignity of dignity, while in the Tuareg community when a boy turns 18, he is taught to compulsorily cover his face with a blue cloth. Veil except nose. The objection of men in this regard is not accepted because men do not have the right to do anything they want.