– The actress apologized for the comment

– Oscar winning actress suspended from TV show for two months

New Delhi: American actress Whoopi Goldberg has been suspended from a talk show. He spoke out in support of the American coalition, but said maintaining some independence was not the answer.

He has been suspended by the head of the channel despite apologizing for such a statement on the talk show The View. Channel head Kim Godwin said she believes this is not enough. “I suspend Goldberg from the talk show for two weeks for making such false and shocking remarks,” Godwin said. He made this comment on the Twitter account of the TV channel.

Godwin said Whoopi apologized, but I told him he thought and understood the implications of his comments and took the time to do so. The Oscar-winning TV personality told ABC show The Talk that two white groups were involved in the massacre. In today’s show I will say that the genocide was not only because of racial discrimination, but also because of the dehumanization of human beings. I would say that perhaps both reasons were responsible, Goldberg wrote in an apology on Twitter late Monday.

Jews around the world have supported me and they will never forgive this massacre. I apologize for the inconvenience. Critics jumped on the bandwagon after Goldberg’s comment that racial discrimination was the main cause of the massacre. The Nazis considered themselves to be the best race.