“James Bond wants to come back”. That James Bond should return has been one of the laws of cinema for almost 60 years. The phrase was first read at the end of “James Bond – 007 chases Dr. No”, the first screen adventure of the famous secret agent, which premiered on October 5, 1962.

And he was also back in the credits of ‘Die Without Waiting’, the 25th and final James Bond film, in which lead actor Daniel Craig bid a memorable and final farewell to the role.

It’s finally over for Craig

“There was no turning back,” Craig pointed out in the Los Angeles Times. The 53-year-old continues to give interviews for “No Time To Die” (original title: “No Time To Die”) and is still the acting cast member of 007 in the film series’ anniversary year, but for “Bond 26” there will certainly be another one facing the camera.

Ever since there was speculation Craig’s departure from the role after “Quantum of Solace” (2008), the rumor has been simmering in the tabloids. Almost every week another presumptive candidate is announced. Tom Hiddleston and Tom Hardy have already been confirmed as successors. Then there were other lesser-known names in Germany, like James Norton and Sam Heughan.

This generally baseless speculation does not come from insiders, as is often claimed, but mainly from UK betting providers who use it to free publicity for their business, or publicists who thereby generate headlines for their actor customers. The boulevard lays it out gratefully and without questioning. Apparently it is enough if you are between 25 and 45 years old and in the film industry. One is already considered a hot candidate for the coveted role of the famous secret agent.

Idris Elba is too old for the role?

A name that has been around for a decade is Idris Elba. This particularly persistent rumor has long been something of a running gag among Bond fans and also for Elba himself – and led to a funny and tongue-in-cheek selfie with Craig in 2019. 16 years after Craig was criticized for being ” too blond for Bond”, the next James Bond may well be black for the first time. But it will hardly be the Elbe. The Londoner is simply too old. He will be 50 in September.

It could be years before production on the 26th Bond film begins, so Elba would be as old as Craig is now. Longtime producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson are looking for an actor who will sustain the hit film series for many years to come, who is available for multiple movies, and can shape an era like 007. It wouldn’t be possible. with Idris Elba.

Original Bond Sean Connery debuted at age 31 and went on to direct six films (not including the unofficial remake, Never Say Never). Roger Moore was already 45 when he made his ‘Live and Let Die’ debut, but made seven films before handing over his Walther PPK. At that time, a Bond came to the cinema every two years. But both Moore, who was 57 in his last film “A View to a Kill” (1985) and whose stunt doubles can hardly be overlooked, and Craig, who at 51 was filming his fifth and final spy operation, have seen the screen age at.

It is therefore more likely that Broccoli and Wilson will opt for a younger one. Henry Cavill (38) participated in the casting of Bond before “Casino Royale” (2006), where Craig was cast. Many fans wish for the handsome power bolt. But in the meantime, the ‘Superman’ actor is probably too well-known for the role that has never been cast with established stars.

The boy “Spider-Man” Tom Holland (25) recently engaged in conversation. The Englishman, on the other hand, is probably too young for the manufacturers – like his compatriot Cavill at the time. And her face is too famous in Hollywood too. Opportunities are given to Northern Irishman Jamie Dornan (39), who is currently convincing in Kenneth Branagh’s drama “Belfast” and exudes Bond charisma. One of the secret favorites is smart Irishman Aidan Turner (38). Still, don’t expect any of these names to be announced anytime soon.

How is the series progressing?

Before Broccoli and Wilson start looking seriously for a new 007, they’ll decide where the franchise should go in the next few years. Do you continue the difficult course with an emotionally tormented Bond? Or will the movies become a little lighter and more humorous again? The spectacular adventures of Roger Moore with many gags were followed by more serious films with Timothy Dalton, whose Bond was closer to the character of Ian Fleming. Things got more colorful with Pierce Brosnan in the 90s. Then came Craig’s Brutal Bond.

Before an actor is hired, there must be a script or at least a draft. And as with previous films, a director will likely be hired first. All of this takes time. A new 007 actor is not to be expected in the anniversary year, which is celebrated on October 5 with “Global James Bond Day”. And until the candidate is finally found, countless names from betting providers, publicists and tabloids are sure to be thrown into play again and again. Probably also Idris Elba. (dpa)