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# A Taliban fundamentalist group takes control of Afghanistan after the departure of US troops. How it happened and what will happen in the Middle East

*) The world’s attention has turned to Afghanistan after 20 years. The fundamentalist Taliban group has regained control of the capital Kabul and returned to power after nearly two decades of American occupation. And the country’s landscape is one of fear and chaos, with people thronging airports and clinging to planes in an attempt to escape before the extremists arrive.

The group’s assault had been going on for quite some time, and last week we saw the advance towards the capital. Last Sunday (15), President Ashraf Ghani fled the country and opened up space for the Taliban to take power. But what now?

Faced with this scenario of instability, many doubts hover. After all, whose fault is the situation in Afghanistan? Has the country become America’s new Vietnam? And the role of China in this new world scene?

To answer these questions, the 15 Minutes podcast receives Diogo Schelp, columnist at Gazeta do Povo. He explains the origins of the Taliban and what must follow in the wake of the bizarre scenes from last weekend.


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