The first dinosaur bones were discovered thousands of years ago. However, it wasn’t until about 200 years ago that scientists did more detailed research. They call themselves paleontologists. They are researchers looking for very old bones. One of the first really important excavations in Germany is due to children playing. They found a metatarsal bone from a dinosaur while digging.

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Because researchers have learned more about dinosaurs with each discovery, there is not a single researcher who has discovered everything on their own. But the name “Dinosauria” comes from an Englishman: Richard Owen. Since 1842 we call the primitive giant dinosaurs.

Are dinosaurs still alive? So: somewhere else?

They lived on our planet millions of years ago, we know. We don’t know for sure if there are any on another planet right now. Or if there is someone there.

This is because the planets we know of are only a tiny fraction of what exists. Our sun is just one of billions of stars in our galaxy. And there are billions and billions of other galaxies in the universe that are so incredibly far away that we will probably never be able to reach them in our lifetime.

And otherwise ?

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But: For nearly 45 years, two small spacecraft have been flying through the universe without humans. They left our solar system a long time ago. So far, they haven’t shown any signs of living beings. They have a little golden map with them, with our earth on it and the planets around it. So maybe one day we will be discovered here on earth?

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