– Omicron could infect 60% of Europeans by March

New Delhi Date. Monday, January 24, 2022

World Health Organization (WHO) Europe Director Hans Kluge has given some relief news regarding the corona epidemic. Kluge said that the Omicron version of Corona has moved the epidemic in European countries to a new stage and may end. However, this will have to wait a bit. He further said that the region is unilaterally moving towards the end of the pandemic.

Immunity will develop rapidly after the end of Omicron infection

Omicron could infect 60% of Europeans by March, Hans Kluge said in an interview with a news agency. He said that once the current wave of omicrons subsides across Europe, global resistance will develop within a few weeks and months that could quickly end the corona pandemic. Immunity is also being developed through vaccines. In both cases, the definitive end of the epidemic is when the immune system is developed. “I believe that the end of this pandemic in Europe is certain, even if it means waiting a little longer,” he said.

Top American scientists also gave news of relief

America’s top scientist Anthony Fawcett expressed the same possibility on Sunday. “There has been a sharp decline in corona cases in some parts of the United States, which is a good sign,” he said in an interview. However, cautioning against overconfidence, he said that if the number of cases continues to decline recently in regions like the Northeast of the United States, I am sure you will start to see changes across the country.