As we saw this morning, Apple has redesigned its online store to add a new tab: Store. The new section brings together all the products that the company sells in a very clear and visual way and also provides us with all the information about promotions, support and the like in a centralized way. Let’s see in detail what the new Apple Store online looks like.

Coverage with all the information, from products to discounts

The first section that we need to pay attention to before going into details is the Store tab main page. Under the heading “The best way to buy your favorite products,” Apple lists nine product families: Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, AirTag, Apple TV, HomePod mini, and accessories. A click on any of these products takes us to its dedicated page, which we’ll talk about in a moment.

Under the nine categories, Apple brings together seven sections. Starting with “The last. Take a look at all the news. ”Here Apple collects the latest changes in the store, currently we find the back to school promotion, the new MagSafe accessories, the iPhone 12, the iMac M1, the iPad Pro and the ‘Apple Watch Each of these brings us to the corresponding section within the store that we already know.

The next section is titled “We Help You. When, how and where you want. ”Three items are displayed here:“ Buy with specialist help. Online or in-store. ”,“ Meet your new device with a free personalized session. ”And“ Get Genius support from Apple experts. ”The first option, as the name suggests, takes us to chat or talk by phone with a store specialist or book a shopping spree at a physical store. The second informs us that when we buy a new product we get a free session both in-store and online, and the third takes us to Apple Care.

The third section we find is “Apple is different. More reasons to buy from us. Here, Apple highlights free or two-hour delivery, online purchase with in-store pickup, the ability to renew a device and get a discount for the previous one, the different payment and financing options. , the personalization of the Mac or the Apple Watch options and, finally, the possibility of registering our products for free.

Below we find two sections which we understand will vary over time. Currently we see Accessories for the class, which offers us products such as the Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro or the Apple Pencil, and AirTag, which tells us about this new product.

After that, Apple promotes other services and device values ​​in the “Do Much More With Apple.” Section. The fun is about to begin. ”Which includes today’s virtual sessions at Apple, Apple One, Apple Pay and HomeKit.

Finally, the section “Special rates. Take advantage of preferential rates. ”Shows us education discounts, business discounts and refurbished products.

One page for each product, all the details in one place

Going back to the top of the page, to the nine product families, the first four should be highlighted. While AirPods, AirTag, Apple TV, HomePod mini, and Accessories bring us to the product page we’ve known for a long time, Apple has redesigned Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, which now all have the same structure.

This structure consists of a first part where the available models are highlighted with colors, prices and the link to buy it. After this section, which varies for each product, we find the following: Buyer’s Guides, Ways to save money, Apple is different, Accessories, Installation and support and Going beyond.

These different sections stand out from the Move to iPhone option, conversation with a specialist, model comparison, financing, setup sessions and discounts. Something which although we have already seen on the main page is reiterated here with a bit more precision depending on the product we are reviewing and related and similar products that may be of interest to us are also highlighted.

It is clear that online shopping is currently all the rage and will continue to be more and more so. While it is true that many of us want to go to a physical Apple Store to test certain products before trying them, it is also true that for the ranges that we already know, the online option is always preferable. With this overhaul, we will now have everything we need in one place.