– Taliban had annual turnover of 400 crores in 2016

– Over a period of two decades, the Taliban have become more disciplined and wealthier

Kandahar: The Taliban may have looked like a snail in the 1980s, but now in 2021, major changes are being seen in their way of living and working. The violence and cruelty committed by them did not make any difference but it is true that they have immense wealth.

In 2012, Forbes magazine compiled a list of the top ten terrorist organizations in the world, with ISIS at the top of the list with a net worth of 2 billion. The Taliban was fifth on the list with a net worth of 200 million.

The sources of the Taliban’s income were reported as drug trafficking, security money and donations.

According to a secret NATO report, the Taliban’s annual budget in 2016-20 was 1.2 billion. This is 200 percent more than the figures for Forbes.

Last year, the Taliban received 200 million from mining, 21.5 million from drug trafficking, 20 million from foreign donations, 150 million from security funds and 50 million from real estate.

In the same fiscal year, the budget of the Afghan government was 4.5 billion. Of this, less than two per cent was allocated for security. The United States has largely funded the Afghan government to keep the Taliban out of Afghanistan. The United States has spent 1 trillion rupees on training Afghan soldiers over the past 15 years. But Afghan soldiers have not been able to fight the self-sufficient Taliban. Now that the government is in power, the economic power of the Taliban will increase.