Years pass and the wait for Facebook to decide to make a WhatsApp application for the iPad, or for the Apple Watch, since we are talking about it, is very, very long. We are not talking about a few years, we are talking about the fact that WhatsApp was launched in 2009, about 13 years ago and the iPad app is neither there nor expected.

“We would like to do it”, but…

While all of the most popular messaging apps have versions for the iPhone, iPad, and many for the Apple Watch as well, Facebook doesn’t seem to be up to catching up to the competition. Although, according to the statements of the head of WhatsApp, “they would love to do it”, as they collect in an interview with The Verge.

“People have wanted an iPad app for a long time.” Will Cathcart, the WhatsApp manager of its parent company Meta [Facebook]he told The Verge during an interview this week related to a new US marketing campaign for the messaging app. “We would like to do that.”

The executive, however, did not explain the reasons that prevent a company the size of Facebook, with its technical and economic resources, from being able to adapt the iPhone application to the larger screen of the iPad. What he commented is that, for now, they are working on the possibility of offering support for several devices, which would be the first step towards applications beyond the iPhone.

“We’ve done a lot of work on the technology to support multiple devices,” Cathcart said, referring to the launch of opt-in and cross-device support for WhatsApp last year. “Our web and desktop apps now have this. If I have multiple devices on, I can turn off my phone or lose my network connection and still get messages on my desktop. That would be really important for a tablet app, to you can use the app even if your phone isn’t on, so the underlying technology is there.

“People have wanted an iPad app for a long time.”

It goes without saying that apps like Telegram or iMessage have supported multiple devices for many years. For now, we have to believe that Facebook is taking the right direction, step by step, by offering an application to match its competitors. It is true that WhatsApp’s market share is really high in Spain, not so much in the United States. , where iMessage rules, but it is also true that we see more and more people using Telegram or other services. For now, the numbers are tilting in favor of WhatsApp, but users’ patience is limited.

Cathcart gave no details on when we might see the WhatsApp app on the iPad. From what has been seen and from what is known, it could be years before he arrives. And let’s not even talk about the application for Apple Watch.