The WhatsApp app doesn’t stop there, as there are always small changes along the way. We usually discover them via WaBetaInfo which, as on this occasion, tells us that the application is preparing a new image picker that will make it easier to attach past photos to a chat.

They tell us from WaBetaInfo that the new selector will only be available when sending photos taken directly with the WhatsApp camera and will allow us, unlike the current version, to easily choose between recent photos or the rest of the galleries that we have recorded on the mobile.

New way to attach photos

When it comes to attaching photos to a WhatsApp chat, you have two methods. On the one hand, you can the button join and choose the gallery, in which case a panel is displayed with all the albums of the mobile. On the other hand, you can touch the camera icon, which in addition to allowing you to take photos, allows you to attach recent photos more easily, since they are displayed in a strip at the bottom.

Ironically, this second method is the fastest way to attach recent photos or screenshots, because using the menu Attach > Gallery, you will need to enter the corresponding album. According to WaBetaInfo, in the future, the camera menu will be even more powerful, as it will have two tabs: one for recent photos and one for gallery.

Currently, if you open the WhatsApp camera and swipe the bottom strip of photos, only recent photos are displayed, so attaching a photo from months ago involves a fairly significant amount of scrolling. The ability to see the photos separated in albums should make this selection easier since, for example, mobile screenshots won’t appear in between.

According to WaBetaInfo, this selector will be exclusive to the camera button, which is curious to say the least, since the menu to attach from the gallery does not allow you to see recent photos. With this change, the attachment from the gallery is somewhat obsolete and it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that it will eventually go away. After all, that’s how it works in Telegram (the same menu for taking photos and sending photos).

Through | WaBetaInfo