In 2018, Google and WhatsApp reached an agreement so that the backup copies of the application that we make in Google Drive are not deducted from the storage space. Now it is becoming increasingly clear that WhatsApp backup to Google Drive will soon cease to be unlimited.

The rumors started last year when it was discovered that the app was preparing checks to decide what gets included in the copy. Now WaBetaInfo has found some text strings that copying to Google Drive will have limitations.

WhatsApp backup “with limits”

Currently, WhatsApp backups on Android mobile are stored in two places: locally, on the mobile itself, and on Google Drive. Backing up to Google Drive is unlimited, so it doesn’t count against Google’s storage space. This has been the case since an agreement between Facebook and Google four years ago.

Times have changed, which is evident since Google changed its mind about unlimited Google Photos storage. Something similar seems to be happening on WhatsApp: your backup will have a limit. Several text strings found by WaBetaInfo point out that there will be charges for WhatsApp backups.

Some of the texts referring to the limits in the backup

The text strings don’t mention exactly what the quota will be, although previous rumors have told us that Google will offer 2GB free for WhatsApp backups. What is unclear is what happens when this quota is exceeded: WhatsApp text strings indicate that the user will be notified when we are close to filling it or if the limit has been exceeded, but we don’t know what will happen next.

This new information fits perfectly with the leak a few months ago of some new parameters to decide what we want to include in the copy and what not (photos, audio, videos, documents or other multimedia files). The idea is to disable items so that you have a save of less space and don’t go over the quota.

We will have to wait to see if this fee is confirmed, how much it will be and its conditions. For now, you can check how much your WhatsApp backup takes from the app, by going to Settings > Chats > Backup. This space is still not deducted from your Google storage until further notice.

Through | WaBetaInfo