Months ago it was leaked that WhatsApp is preparing a new function to allow us to send one-time photos and videos i.e. they disappear after seeing them once. At the end of June, we could see it in the beta and on the web of WhatsApp, but it’s now that it officially reaches the stable version of the app.

Facebook itself confirmed this in a post where it assures us that this new feature aims to give users greater control over their privacy. Then we explain how these photos or videos are sent and we can see that once opened they self-destruct.

How to send and view self-destructive photos

As Facebook explains, the one-time photos and videos feature (or single view, as it calls them) will gradually reach all users across all platforms this week. Therefore, if you still don’t have it, don’t despair, it’s a matter of hours or days you can use it.

Sending self-destructing photos and videos is as easy as sending any image, just press a button first to indicate that we want it to be seen only once , it doesn’t matter whether it’s stored in the gallery or whether we’re capturing at this time with the camera. The steps are as follows:

Click the camera icon to capture the image or click the clip to attach it from the gallery.

Take the photo or save the video you want to send (or select an image that you saved).

Tap the “1” icon that appears to the right and send the photo or video.

When you press this “1” button, you get the “Photo set to be viewed once” notification. If you change your mind, tap it again to send the photo as usual.

And what must be done to see the self-destructing photos? Very simple: if someone sends you a photo or video via WhatsApp which can only be viewed once, the preview image will not appear in the chat, but a message with the word “1 “and the word” Photo “. Tap it to open the photo in full screen.

There is no time limit to open the photo and nothing prevents you from taking a screenshot to save it, but be aware that as soon as you close it and go back to chat you will not be able to see start over (unless you use some of the tips we’ve explained to you in other articles).

Obviously, if you send a single view photo or video, the media files will not be saved in the recipient’s Photos or Gallery sections. You won’t be able to upload, feature, or share it, and if it has been opened, it won’t be backed up or restored.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that the recipient has 14 days to view the photo or video from the time it was sent; then the file disappears from the chat even if it has not been opened.

As the sender, you can only see if the recipient has opened a single view photo or video if the recipient has read receipts enabled. And something very important: every time you want to send a self-destruct image, you have to press the button, otherwise it will be sent “normally”.

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