Hundreds of Cubans took to the streets of Havana shouting “freedom” during peaceful protests, which were intercepted by security forces and government-backed brigades, resulting in violent clashes and arrests. Photo credit: EFE / Ernesto Mastrascusa

While the American left explicitly defends socialism, it is good to keep in mind how far this frightening system has failed – and how socialists have responded to those who dared to criticize it – in countries around the world. Take a look at the recent protests in Cuba and you will understand what ordinary people think about the direction the left wants to take. They are not happy.

Since the Communist Revolution of 1959, leftists have celebrated Cuba’s supposed progress in areas such as public health and education. Little is said about human rights violations by the Cuban government, violations that include political executions, arbitrary arrests, an unjust justice system and severe restrictions on freedom of expression, association, assembly, movement. and, of course, the press.

The problem with the left’s acceptance of communism is that it translates into a disregard for the freedoms Americans cherish. The Cuban state is really repressive. Those who cross the path of the revolution are not tolerated.

For most Americans, things like free speech, freedom of religion, and freedom to come and go are not negotiable. They are fundamental in our lives. You can’t give up these things for a year of free health. But the left does not think so. Worse, as has been proven in various corners of the world, the left is ready and willing to annihilate those who defend these freedoms.

Four members of the United States Congress are also members of the Socialist Democrats of America group. Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Jamaal Bowman and Cori Bush, D-Mo. Faced with the protests that have spread to Cuba, the organization issued a note of solidarity with the Cuban Revolution. Congressional socialists who have praised the repressive Cuban government in the past have remained silent.

President Joe Biden reportedly viewed Democratic Representative Karen Bass as his partner on the 2020 ticket. Bass spent part of the 1970s working in Fidel Castro’s Cuba. Upon Castro’s death, she declared that “the death of the Commander-in-Chief is a great loss for the Cuban people”.

Given the history of the Cuban Communist regime’s praise of latecomers, it is not surprising that the Biden government’s first reaction to the protests on the island was to claim that it was a protest involving Covid-19.

At the start of the protests, the Assistant Secretary of State for the Cuba region tweeted: “Peaceful protests are on the rise in Cuba and the Cuban people are exercising their right to peaceful assembly to express concerns about the increase in cases and deaths. due to Covid-19. and the lack of drugs ”.

There is nothing real about this tweet. First, there is no “right to peaceful assembly” in Cuba. The Cuban dictator has in fact asked party members to silence any dissent. “We are ready to do anything,” he said. “We will fight in the street”.

Moreover, the protests were clearly about something other than Covid-19. The demonstrators chanted “Freedom! “,” Down with communism! and “The homeland and life!” in videos available on the Internet. A crowd gathered in front of the Communist Party headquarters, shouting “Cuba is not yours!”

Most importantly, American flags were everywhere. Cuban protesters waved the American flag because the American flag is still a symbol of freedom for the people of the world. All of this was evident to anyone watching the Cuban protesters in the video.

How could the authorities of the Biden administration in Cuba go wrong? The only possible explanation is that they didn’t tell the truth because they don’t like the story. Biden and other names in the government began to refine their speech to come closer to reality a few days later. But the rest of the left remained silent.

The press, as it is common these days, perfectly reflected Biden’s position. The first articles were related to Covid-19. It was only later, when the truth became too obvious, that the American press began to show the anti-Communist and anti-government nature of the protests, as well as the pressure from the Cuban government to end dissent.

The biggest problem with this scenario is that most people only have access to the mainstream press story. Anyone searching for “protests in Cuba” on Google, for example, would find a page filled with articles from CNN, The New York Times, and The Washington Post about the Covid-19 protests in Cuba. It’s not the reality, but it’s the reality that is coming to the American people through Big Tech.

The American left promotes really radical political ideas in the Biden administration. She is trying to increase the government by trillions of dollars. These ideas include government involvement in many areas of American life.

Lying about what is going on is necessary if these measures that you are advocating for the United States to apply are attacked in a place like Cuba and precisely by the people who suffer from them. What held society together when American conservatives were more or less united was precisely opposition to communism.

Religious conservatives opposed the state atheism of communism and the way communist regimes treated the church. The national security authorities were opposed to the expansionism and the militarily aggressive posture of the Communists. And liberal conservatives, of course, opposed the Communist desire to destroy or replace capitalism with a planned system.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, these groups have had fewer common themes to hold them together. The result is the fragmentation of the law that we see today. And the result of this fragmentation is the increasing difficulty of stopping Biden’s left-wing agenda.

Perhaps the protests in Cuba can help conservatives remember what’s at stake. The Biden administration appears to be concerned that this will happen.

Neil Patel is co-founder of the Daily Caller and the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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