In the same way that Low Power Mode ensures that our Mac prioritizes battery conservation, High Performance Mode ensures that it prioritizes by giving us all the power we need to perform the most demanding tasks. A mode that can be activated very easily to know that we are going to perform them at the maximum possible speed.

All the power dedicated to our needs

High-performance mode is only available on 16-inch MacBook Pros with the M1 Max chip. This is so both because of the power of the M1 Max and because of the cooling capacity of the 16 inch model and the lack of the 14 inch model. With this mode active, the computer lowers the priority to other system processes to ensure that all of the M1 Max’s power is available for the task at hand.

Keep in mind, however, that this will result in higher battery consumption and greater use of fans to dissipate the heat generated. This mode will allow us to perform demanding tasks such as color grading videos in ProRes to 8K, according to Apple itself, an important step on a laptop. The activation of the high performance mode is very simple, the steps to follow are as follows:

In the Apple () menu, we choose System Preferences. We played the drums. Click AC Adapter. Next to the power mode, we choose the high performance mode.

Ready. Our Mac will reserve all the power to be able to carry out the tasks that we entrust to it as quickly as possible. A mode that we must remember to deactivate once we have completed the project that required it to avoid additional battery consumption.

In the meantime, we can be sure that all the power of our computer, which is great, will be at our full disposal so that we can work in the most comfortable way possible. So with just a click. Useful, right?

Image | Antoine Choren