WhatsApp is the most widely used mobile messaging application on the planet. Every day messages are exchanged between more than 2,000 million users (according to the company’s latest figures) and the truth is that it is rare, but not impossible, that we do not have it installed on our mobile phone. This is why it is always interesting to discover tricks to extend its use.

One of them is the one that teaches us how we can send messages to each other. Something that seems strange but is really useful when we want to use WhatsApp for more than just communicating with others. For example, if we want to use WhatsApp as a notes application that we always have at hand. We are going to show you several ways to message each other on WhatsApp.

Three methods to write to each other on WhatsApp

As we said, finding alternative uses for applications like WhatsApp is always interesting because some of them can save us from installing additional applications, since we would cover their use with the Meta messaging application. One of these additional uses is to take notes, to create a chat where only we are to leave notes of all kinds, whether it is a shopping list or a journal of thoughts. And since we are on WhatsApp, we can also leave voice notes.

Another interesting use of these individual chats in which only we make an appearance is, for example, to use this chat as a channel to exchange files between our mobile and our computer. Attach the file to the mobile and download it from WhatsApp Web or vice versa. Yes, there are apps for that but, as we mentioned before, using WhatsApp for those things saves you third-party apps.

Here we leave you some additional uses of WhatsApp that we can enable through one-person chats, through talking to ourselves.

So, since we are more or less clear about the uses that we can give to WhatsApp with these one-to-one conversations, we show you three different methods to create them.

Method 1: create a contact with our number

The easiest method of all is the one that consists of creating a new contact on our mobile phone that has our WhatsApp phone number. Since WhatsApp scans our address book to find users we can talk to, it will find us and allow us to open chats with ourselves.

Once we have done this and WhatsApp will be synchronized with our address book, it will be enough to open a new conversation and search for us among the contacts to start sending files, writing or sending voice notes. Anything we want. As simple as that.

Method 2: Use a web link

One of the ways in which WhatsApp allows us to open chats is through the web link. Thanks to this method we can talk to any user even if we do not have it in the application’s contact book, and creating the link is quite simple. We will only have to open the browser of our mobile and write ‘http://wa.me/numerodetelefono’ where ‘numerodetelefono’ is our WhatsApp number. For example, “http://wa.me/123456”.

So just write this address in the navigation bar of our mobile browser, whether Chrome or any other, and we will automatically be asked to open WhatsApp to start a new conversation. And this conversation will, indeed, be with ourselves.

Method 3: Create a group with you only

We close these tricks to create a chat in which we are alone with one of the great classics of messaging applications, that of one-person groups. How do we do this? Well, it is enough that we create a group with another user (it is advisable to warn them beforehand so that they are not surprised) and then, once created, we expel this same user.

Ready, we already have a group in which only we are. This trick is so useful that it even allows us to create thematic groups to have several active discussions with ourselves. One with recipes, another with voice notes for our future novel, another with photographs of a moment we want to remember. And this is achieved with one-person groups.