After the latest improvements to calling and video calling, and while waiting for the multi-device mode to reach the stable version, WhatsApp has added another feature it has been working on for several years: vacation mode.

But make no mistake about it, because it doesn’t come with that name. This is called “Keep Discussions Archived” and it allows us, as the name suggests, to keep archived threads hidden, even when we receive a message in them. We will explain how this new function is activated, which arrives just in time for all those who start their rest period in August.

As useful for the workgroup as it is for private conversations

It was in 2018 that speculation started on the possibility that WhatsApp would include a “vacation mode”. The idea was that, once activated, chats that had been silenced (the one at work, for example) would remain archived despite receiving new messages.

A few months later, it was learned that this feature would not be called “vacation mode”, but would be given a more neutral and descriptive name: “ignore archived threads” or something similar. Also, it wouldn’t apply to muted chats, but archived chats.

Finally, the feature ended up landing in the beta version of WhatsApp last May and it has now started rolling out in the stable version of the app. Thanks to this new functionality, archived chats will no longer be automatically unarchived after receiving a new message, as was previously the case.

Once activated, no archived chat, whether individual or group, will return to the main screen even if it contains new messages.

And how is it activated? Very simple, once the chats in question have been archived, just tap on the icon with the three dots at the top, enter ‘Settings’> ‘Chats’ and activate the ‘Keep archived chats’ box. From there, any chats you archive, whether individual or group, will not return to the main screen even if there is a new message in one of them. You also won’t receive their notifications, of course.

Another option is to enter the WhatsApp Archives section at the top of the chats. All individual and group chats that you have archived are displayed there, just click on the three dots icon, press “Archive settings” and activate the “Keep archived chats” box. .

Therefore, we are not faced with a vacation mode as such (although you see it written like that there), but it is a function that will be very useful if you want to “pause” a group. WhatsApp because you don’t need it for a while. And nothing prevents you from using it to hide a private conversation from the main discussion list as well.

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