Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 and Galaxy Z Fold3, its next-generation folding devices a few weeks ago. At the software level, they have some advantages over current Samsung models. One of the least discussed was battery protection, one of the most anticipated features of Samsung mobiles.

This function, present in some mobile gaming alternatives, allows you to block the maximum charge to protect the battery. We will explain how it works and how this function is activated.

Charges up to 85% to protect the battery

Maintaining a charge between 20% and 80% is the industry’s top recommendation to protect our batteries. Not only in cell phones, but even in electric mobility. Samsung wanted to implement this option in its new folding, allowing to limit the maximum load to 85% from the settings.

Open One UI settings (for now, only in folding) Click on ‘Battery’ More battery settings Enable battery protection

This mode can be turned on and off at will, and is specially designed for users who charge their phone every day. If this is your case, it is advisable to activate the option, so that the phone only charges up to 85% (as long as with this amount of charge you can last all day).

Between 80 and 100% the battery suffers a lot when you charge it, which is why most manufacturers set up charging systems optimized so that the mobile charge initially from 0 to 80% is fast and that the rest of the charge is slower.

For now, this is an exclusive feature of these two folds, but everything indicates that it will eventually reach the rest of Samsung devices in future updates.

Via | Gizmochine