We all are dealing with somewhat difficult people or people in our daily lives. Most places usually have even one person who is challenging to deal with. That person doesn’t trust anyone, is also toxic, holds grudges, gets angry on small things, they lack awareness that their behavior is making difficulties. These traits make the person difficult to handle. This Difficult Person Test (DPT) is doing rounds on social media, and everyone is curious to know how difficult they are! 

So what is a difficult person test, and is it reliable? At the end of this article, you will get all your answers.

Types Of Difficult Person Test

According to different personalities, a difficult person can be of different types: 

  • Downers: 

These people are always critical and not easily pleased. They always find something to say wrong about. They like to judge and pass harsh comments on others. 

  • Passives: 

They don’t help around or talk much and never participate in any work; others always end up doing things around them. 

  • Better than: 

These people consider themselves above others. They make others feel inferior and try to show off everything they have. They think they know everything. 

  • Tanks:

 They are the bossy ones. They are considered explosive because they think only the way they know is right and don’t consider others’ opinions. And if they want something, they will do anything to get it. 


A difficult person test is a series of questions about your behavior and traits to diagnose the difficulty you can cause. Dr. Chelsea Sleep and her colleagues created DPT at the University of Georgia to analyze different personalities in a series of questions. Dr. Sleep believes that these are the questions that can quantify the different elements which make a person difficult. HDRLABS helped to create this test. 

Traits that might make someone difficult: 

Seven traits are the most highlighted ones which can make a person difficult. These traits are opposite to what a person should be; it opposes the idea of a healthy, peaceful person. The difficult person test helps to understand your personality trait and its intensity.

We are discussing in detail what traits we are talking about. 

  • Callousness: 

These people lack empathy and care in their nature. Narcissists and psychopaths usually display callous and unemotional behavior. They enjoy it when they make others uncomfortable.

  •  Grandiosity:

It’s the feeling of being superior to others. They like to control everything, make everything about them. They want all the attention because they feel grandiose, and usually, narcissists show this trait. 

  •  Aggressiveness: 

It’s a trait that shows rudeness and hostility towards others. Aggressive people tend to snap out and remain stressed, if not daily, then weekly. The situation escalates around them, they lose control, and it can convert into a physical fight.

  • Suspiciousness: 

If this trait is part of someone’s personality, they don’t trust anyone. Difficult persons always think of the worst of others, as everyone is against them. Even if there is no evidence that someone has broken their trust, they behave like no one gets their back.

  •  Manipulative: 

It’s a problematic trait; these people always persuade others and exploit their weaknesses to get whatever they want. They constantly manipulate others around them, so one should know when to be far away from them.

  • Dominance: 

This trait makes the person always desire to be dominant over others. They want to control others, and they want to feel authorization. This trait makes others around them fear every time. 

  •  Risk Taker: 

Although risk-taking is not primarily a lousy trait, always looking for adventure and thrills can make these people impulsive. These people get bored quickly, so they always look for adventure because it makes them feel something. It also puts pressure on the people around them. 

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Why take this test? 

This test will help you know what traits are part of your personality. The questions will act as a mirror to clearly understand your personality and behavior towards others. There are some other reasons listed below: 

  • Free of cost:

Difficult person test is free of cost; you don’t need to register or create a profile. Go to the IDRlab website and start answering the questions.

  •  Psychologically oriented: 

Difficult person test is developed from the work of PhDs. This test gives a clear picture of the respondent traits by measuring them with standardized instruments. 

  • Statical control:

The test analysis is done to ensure that results are accurate and scores are validated. 

  • Created by professionals: 

As said before, the test is based on PhDs of different psychologists and individuals. The team worked together, and their input created this test to understand nature.


The difficult person test is a personality test that helps you understand how difficult you can be for others. You should try this test , because a team of professionals develops it. It’s reliable too, as its results are analyzed statistically to ensure the best results. You can find difficult person tests on the website on HDRlabs, so let’s check out our personality traits.