With all the movement going on in the AAA gaming industry, we had an idea that may be crazy: Apple is buying Nintendo. We analyze this scenario from all angles, after having delivered our usual assessment of the news of the Apple world. An episode to re-listen to very serenely.

Nintendo based in Cupertino?

We start by talking about how the iPhone 13 Pro Max battery is changing our charging habits. Its high duration means that it does not need to be charged to 100% for it to last all day and what that entails. We also go through one of the most interesting rumors: the iPhone as a point of sale to be able to make contactless payments.

We can’t miss the iOS 15.4 update and all it brings. Among its improvements is the ability to use Face ID with a mask and without an Apple Watch in between.

But to get to the heart of the matter, we racked our brains to see if Apple’s purchase of Nintendo would make sense. There’s a lot of meaning for the collaboration that already exists between the two companies, like when we saw the result of that alliance crystallize with Super Mario Run. However, a purchase seems difficult due to Nintendo’s high price tag (over half a billion dollars), the number of employees involved, and the culture shock it would entail.

That’s how we evolved the idea into a much closer collaboration or alliance. M1 chips in the Nintendo Switch? Exclusive Nintendo games for the App Store? There are many combinations that would be most interesting.

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