Apple regularly sends out surveys on different products and services, but correspondence like today’s deserves special mention. While rumors tell us of a redesigned iPad mini with a change in screen size, Apple just asked “What do you think about the screen size of the iPad mini?”

One more clue on the evolution of the iPad mini

We have been waiting for a renewal of the iPad mini for a long time. The smallest of the iPad family continues with a very different design from the last generation iPad Pro or Air. It retains considerable margins and with a Home button that rumors dare to change.

In the midst of this move, Apple asked iPad mini users about screen size. According to ITHome (via MacRumors), the first question in the poll is really straightforward: what do you think about the screen size of the iPad mini 4? Is it too small, just the right size, or too big? To this question, the company offers five answers: “Too small”, “a little small”, “just the right size”, “a little big” or “too big”.

If we pay attention to the rumors about the presentation dates of this new iPad mini, it is not possible that the result of this investigation has an effect on the size of the final screen of the device. This leads us to believe that either Apple is collecting information for a future second version of the iPad mini, or that this information is simply intended for launch marketing.

For now, we expect the new, sixth-generation iPad mini to have a screen between 8.5 and 9 inches. A relevant change for an iPad which, although not aimed at all audiences, is highly appreciated by users who see several advantages in its small size.